BIO-SAPIEN Book 2: Planet Xenos


After Jaden is rescued after being kidnapped by the Darclonians in book 1, he wakes up in a virtual under water city on a planet called Xenos that is in the Andromeda galaxy 2.3 million light years from Earth. Bellona (his new Bio-mechanical alien friend) informs Jaden of everything that has taken place and he learns about a chain of events that is unfolding for Earth.

While on Xenos, Jaden plays in the Andromedian’s futuristic gravity games; flies around the planet without a body by using nanoeyes; observes the planet’s gravity tides; wars; joins a space team; races in (EIS) exoskeleton intergalactic spaceships and plays a virtual game of chess with alien pieces.

Bellona befriends Jaden and is his personal escort while he is a guest on Xenos. Bellona unintentionally develops a special interest for Jaden (Bellona used to be a carbon life form in her past life). She tries to understand his Catholic beliefs and explains her people’s long history on religion, technology and why he is there.

Even though ten years has passed on Earth, Jaden’s human body has only aged a few weeks. He misses his family, friends and girlfriend back on Earth. Jaden’s travel to the Andromeda Galaxy sets off a chain of events for Earth. Jaden learns of a Darclonian mother ship leaving from another part of the Milky Way Galaxy and heading towards Earth. There are conflicts in the Andromedian elder council on whether it is too dangerous for Jaden to return to Earth by himself.

The Andromedians pack Jaden full of prototype organic nanotechnology called nanodrones. The nanodrones run Jaden’s body like crewmembers on the Star Trek Enterprise. The quadrillions of nanodrones BIO-engineers his body, brain & DNA from a Homosapien to a BIO-Sapien.