BIO-SAPIEN Book 6: Rise of the Dark Energy Knight


The first female president proves her self as a fighter and leader for her country. She battles it out against robots in an exo-skeleton suit and proves that a female can kick ass if she has too.

Darclonians want to turn all humans into a “Walking Black Hole” (weapon of mass destruction) to take over this universe and then the next. Jaden’s BIO-engineered body is the key to perfecting this weapon.

A Dark Energy Knight touches down on Earth and proves to be an unstoppable force against humanity. An enemy with the powers of a blackhole is an evil only Jaden can face.

Jaden can feel the Darclonian mothership sitting behind Earth’s moon waiting to take over human minds and body as the countdown gets closer to 0. The nanomoles in human brains are keeping them walking around like zombies and making them prisoners in their own body.
Jaden feels an evil force inside of him spreading around his body turning him into something else. Jaden wants answers to what he is turning into and wants to find out what the Darclonians want with him and humans. He hitches a ride from on top of the Taipai 101 building and is beamed onto the mothership. Jaden is shocked at what he sees humans are being used for. Jaden has some tough choices to make as he meets the evil Dark Energy Queen of manipulation. The life of every human being is in Jaden’s hands.