CLASSIFICATION: Andromedian citizen in an external warrior body.
INTENSIONS: Peaceful level 2 warrior.

ALLEGIANCE: To the Andromedian Elders counsel
AGE: 69,000+ years old
HEIGHT: 10 feet tall.
HISTORY: Born an organic life form on planet Destiny in the Andromedian galaxy. Survived the great technological singularity.
BATTLES: 499,998.
DIED: 1876 times.
TEAM: BELLONA’S. Second in command.
MOVEMENT SPEED: Unknown milliseconds.
SPACESHIP: EIS Generation 4.
Body specs:
BODY STRUCTURE: Bio-Mechanical and other.
BRAIN/SOUL: Silicon-nanite. Backup copy on planet Xenos.
BODY ARMOR: Unknown.
NANOBOTS: Generation 4.
NANOSCANNERS: Generation 4
NANOEYES: Generation 4
Communications: High-speed digital telepathic.

20 chrome spikes on back. Each chrome spike on his back is an advanced weapon. When Marco is in battle mode the spikes come out of his back and float a few inches behind him. When a spike passes through the molecule on his arm it transform the spike into one of the 20 weapons.

1 of 20 weapons:
Sniper type gun: String molecule projectile ammunition –
Moves faster than light.
Passes right through the matter object, before it can arm it’s shields. Pulls apart the target’s atoms on three dimensions.