She leaps into the air and anti-gravity particles move around her body. Her wings slowly move back and forth as she flies towards the plateau area. It looks like a black meteorite. She reaches the top and forms her own shield. She passes through the larger shield still protecting the three UFOs there. Marco walks up to Bellona to see if she is okay. The black meteorite crashes into the ground about 500 feet away. The crashing sound bounces against the mountains and causes avalanches. Rocks fall onto the top of the shield. Bellona and Marco turn around, and walk towards the edge of the plateau and look down. Debris and rocks sit midair and appear frozen in time around this black object. The all black, shiny object looks like a huge alien with four arms. It has some human features around its body. Its left leg is bending across the ground while its right leg is kneeling. Its head is bowing down and looks as if it is praying towards the plateau area. Its two lower arms and hands are touching the ground to the sides. The mysterious alien’s upper arms and hands have two swords in them; and point straight outwards. The swords have mysterious dark flames moving around. There are also weird alien symbols along both sides of each sword. Bellona gets angry and forms her swords. Her wings extend from her back and she is about to leap towards this unknown alien. Marco quickly reaches out and grabs her shoulder to stop her. She stops in her tracks and looks at Marco and they communicate in milliseconds. Bellona turns back towards the ships and Marco continues to stand there.


Bellona checks on Jaden and Marco’s UFO3 ship hovers towards him from behind. His body turns semi-invisible and his ship passes through him. His body disappears into his ship and they both take off through the shield. Suddenly all the rocks and debris that were frozen in the air are sucked into its body and disappear. Small dark flames appear over its shoulders and upper arms. Bellona sees this through a nanoeye and can’t believe what she is seeing. It stands up straight to about ten feet tall and looks up towards the plateau area. This alien life form has no face, just a head and red glowing eyes. It has a human-shaped body structure and pure evil is the vibe it gives off as it begins to walk forward. UFO3 quickly returns to the area and meets up with UFO4. They levitate about 400 feet away from the ground over the threat. They each fire their cannons and four torpedo weapons from the top and bottom of their molecules.


It is a direct hit and there is an explosion of fire that extends upwards. The fire, debris, and explosion force is sucked into this black alien as it continues walking at the same pace unaffected. The rescue team can’t believe what they are seeing. Bellona gets into her ship and her red molecule begins to move around her ship. The ship Jaden is in also forms its purple molecule.

The rescue team coordinates an attack. UFO4 and 1 fire from the plateau area a total of four red torpedoes and two bright yellow torpedoes. The torpedoes spin around and come up behind UFOs 2 and 3. UFOs 2 and 3 fire the same amount of torpedoes and they merge together into a torpedo as bright as the sun and as huge as a Volkswagen car. There is a very loud whistling sound. There is a very huge explosion and light is everywhere. The planet shakes and rumbles like a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. Light and electricity is going into the air. A shock wave of energy expands into all directions. The mountains around the dark alien shake and rock avalanches fall down towards it. The large shield goes around the plateau area again, as it absorbs the powerful simultaneous shock waves of nuclear bomb forces. Fire and debris engulf the entire area for miles around. Everything is obliterated for miles around. A stream of fire in the shape of a diamond shoots into the sky. The sunlight from the local star is clouded by debris and fire. Avalanches of rocks and boulders fall from the mountains and topple all over the area below. Tops of mountains crumble down towards the surface and cover the impact area. The plateau area is bombarded with rocks and boulders. They land on top of the shield being created by UFO4 and 1.

Suddenly there is a low growling sound and fire begins to pull back down towards the impact area. The team uses nanoscanners to investigate what is under the rumble. They see the dark alien standing and levitating over a hundred square foot deep crater. Its four arms are in the air and its head looks up as if it is angry. It yells as if it is in a lot of pain. Dark flames about two feet high extend from its upper body. Rocks and boulders begin to rotate clockwise around it. Everything is being sucked into the dark, shiny alien along with a pair of nanoscanners that got too close. It begins to run and destroys rocks in its path. It jumps and floats up towards the plateau area.

It walks straight through the energy shield unfazed. The angry alien runs towards the parked UFOs and attacks them. It attacks UFO1 and walks right through it. It looks around confused and runs towards UFO4. Again, it walks right through the UFO as if they aren’t there. It looks around confused. Suddenly the shield around the plateau area disappears, large boulders and rocks fall over the area, burying the dark alien. UFOs 1 and 4 are hovering above the mountain invisible and turn off their reimage technology. All four UFOs fire at the mountain creating another large explosion. They quickly take off and fly above the cloud of dust and debris. Some small, dark material flies down towards the explosion from different directions. The UFOs fly in formation and enter the upper atmosphere. Something is following them from the planet. The still slightly damaged UFO1 attaches and piggybacks to UFO4. They fly in the formation of a pyramid, UFO1 and 4 in the front, and UFO2 and 3 slightly lower to the sides. They reach above the planet and many distant stars can be seen against the bright sky. Two light sources shine on them. A black comet is chasing them from the planet. The UFOs change direction towards the local red star and enter light speed. At 185,900 miles a second, the UFOs move together as a long spaceship. This dark comet quickly catches up to them. It too is moving at the speed of light. UFO3 and 4 fire a red projectile at the dark comet. But it does nothing and keeps coming towards them gaining momentum. They fire a combined laser of different colors from each molecule and the powerful beam is absorbed into the dark abyss. It continues to move closer towards them.

The UFOs change paths from the nearby star and fly towards the rest of the solar system. UFOs 2 and 3 get closer and connect to 4, while UFO1 is still being piggy backed on UFO4. The ships glow while a larger vortex electromagnetic shield is created all around them. Their tails come off and morph into one larger silver tail. There is a huge explosion of colorful light from the tail. Their speed increases past light speed and the light around them begins to fade behind them. They reach 286,000 miles a second. The black comet fades far behind. The UFOs begin to rotate and go semi-invisible. Nanoscanners create a small hole in front of the UFOs. The ships break down into quadrillions and quadrillions of atoms. They enter the artificial subspace wormhole created by thousands of nanoscanners and disappear into the darkness of space.