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Download eBooks 1 & 2 of BIO-Sapien series below for free, read them, leave an Amazon review, take a quiz at any Action Burger, pass and choose between a free order of fries or salad.  No purchase necessary.  Books are good for ages 13 and up.


Rewards card for deep discounts at Action Burger.  No purchase necessary.  Download and read all 6 books of BIO-Sapien series.  Leave an Amazon review.  Take a test at Action Burger.  Receive the VIP card the same day.  Action Burger wants to encourage teens/adults to read more and get more into science/technology/green technology.

First 100 readers to pass the test will receive: A. a free specially signed BIO-Sapien comic book.  B. Free 16oz Rum & coke (21 and up only) or 16oz basic vanilla or chocolate milkshake. 21 and under: Free double scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream or basic milkshake. C. A free 2 hour table reservation for your birthday every year, includes 1 free brownie dessert (board/card games & extra reservation games not included).

bio-sapien card

Small print: BIO-Sapien readers will be rewarded with a deep discount card and free stuff on certain days.  Examples of deep discounts and free stuff:  Normal price of Toragon burger $15, fries, $4, soda $1. $20 meal.  VIP readers $10 Toragon, free fries and soda. Hennessey colada $15, VIP members $10. Free refills of fountain sodas.  Free shots fridays.  Super smash Wii U happy hour with a free Rum & Coke pitcher for VIP members (21 and up only).

VIP cards cannot be shared with any other person and food/drinks can’t be shared with any other non-vip members. Every time you use card at restaurant, cashier will ask you 1 question from any of the 6 books.  You must answer correctly, if you get it wrong, you’ll be given one more question for the day.  If you get the answer wrong again, your card will be invalid for any discounts for that day.  Go back and study the books.  VIP members must also stay up to date with all of the restaurant’s sci-fi books.  Future books must be read to keep a valid BIO-Sapien card.

BIO-Sapien paperbacks are for sale on Amazon & Barnes & Noble. Click photos below for links.


On a cold winter evening in 1996, Jaden Marino, discovers a UFO near his home in upstate NY. The government detects it and swarms the area on a full-scale UFO hunt. Unable to find the now invisible UFO, the government follows Jaden to it after listening to him excitedly disclose it to a friend on the telephone.

On the run from the persistent government wanting him for “further questioning,” he hides inside of the UFO made of liquid metal nanotechnology. Meanwhile, the government tries to take the craft to Area 51. Inside the ship, Jaden’s body goes into a comatose state, and he has an out-of-the-body experience. The spaceship translates his English language and math capabilities from his mind into its alien language, subsequently enabling him to control the UFO with his mind.

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Action Burger (Established in 2012)

America’s only science fiction bar, comic book, free retro video game themed restaurant. Located at 292 Graham Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211. 718-599-4376.
BIO-Sapien (VC Imagination Factory) is sponsored by Action Burger.  Some of the foods on the Action Burger menu are named after characters in the BIO-Sapien series.  At Action Burger you can choose to eat like a hero or villain.  Click here to learn more.